I’ve stumbled across the idea of a stock take across several blogs, and most recently this post from Cats Eat Dogs (excellent blog name!). It’s a great opportunity to stop and assess where you are, what your goals and what things, events and folk are important to you right now. Its also a great place to subtly list the things you might want for Christmas…

Making : A spooky Day of The Dead Wreath

Cooking : Tomato and mushroom omelette for breakfast

Drinking : Hot, strong, black coffee brewed in this fucking adorable Bodum Single-Serve Caffettiera

Reading: The Tower of the Swallow by Andrzej Sapkowski

Wanting: A proper standing desk instead of the jury-rigged one I’ve made from chairs!

Looking: At the weird, beige-lavender wallpaper in my kitchen and wishing I could remove it sooner!

Playing: Arcade Fire – The Suburbs

Deciding: Whether to go on a long hike at the weekend

Wishing: I had the time in the day to do more DIY…

Enjoying: The Flow With Adee yoga series on YouTube

Waiting: On a bloody huge order of craft items from Amazon for my upcoming Day of the Dead party

Liking: That it is now acceptable to have gingerbread-flavoured everything

Wondering: Why soda water is 100x better than regular water

Loving: Waking up early so I can do my full morning routine and feel like a smug, productive bastard

Considering: Going drastic with my next hair cut and reinstating the undercut!

Buying: Fake flowers and hair clips for my Halloween costume

Watching: Finally, Dr. Foster after experiencing all the mad hype

Hoping: I don’t have too many emails this morning for work!

Marvelling: At the TierZoo YouTube series

Needing: Some damn avocados. It’s like millennials don’t even live in this household!

Questioning: Whether to give cold-brewed coffee a try when it’s getting colder…

Smelling: An overpriced cinnamon and ginger candle. Mmmm, wintery Capitalism

Wearing: Leggings and the warmest, fleece lined parka/smock thing in the world, the Snugpak Pile Jacket

Following: MegSquats on Instagram – An actual, strong, athletic, performance-focused and confident woman as a refreshing change to the pouting “Fitness Influencer/Model” clone army

Noticing: The turning of the leaves into a rust-orange-vermilion-gold haze

Knowing: I’m on track with my 5/3/1 power-lifting programming and set to hit new PBs by the end of the year!

Thinking: About how I’m going to save for a big trip around South-East Asia in November 2018

Admiring: How talented Kate Selkie is at tattooing!

Sorting: My wardrobe, and getting rid of all the things that only fit me at my bodybuilding competitions weight! (i.e. skinned rabbit weight)

Getting: Slightly annoyed at my cat constantly turning his nose up at brand-name cat food. Is Whiskas not like the Waitrose of cat food?

Bookmarking: This incredible black dress with embroidered bees from Coco Fennel until I have the spare cash to buy it!

Coveting: Every gorgeous baked item displayed at Singl-End, Glasgow

Disliking: How early it turns dark in the evenings! At least its an excuse to light more candles.

Giggling: At my rediscovery of Southpark!

Feeling: Optimistic about my plan to hold a handstand for 10 full seconds in 3 months!

Snacking: On chocolatey protein oats (or proats if you’re cool)

Helping: Myself by getting back into bullet journalling and early mornings

Hearing: The My Favourite Murder podcast – Hilariously gory and full of foul language. I love it.

You should try doing your own stock take blog post – Just copy and paste mine, and replace with whatever is going on in your life right now.

Enjoy the rest of Pre-Halloween! (Which the entire month of October is obviously known as).